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Welcome to the UFOHQ UFO Wiki.

There are now 1,238 UFO articles in this wiki for your reading pleasure.

This wiki has 65,612 users and nearly every one of them are spammers...

To FIND INFORMATION on any UFO topic, simply type your SEARCH TERM in the SEARCH BOX at the TOP RIGHT CORNER of YOUR SCREEN.

Not sure where to start? Click RANDOM PAGE link on the LEFT SIDE or View the UFOHQ UFO WIKI Index

To create a new page, use the search box to search the page name.

If the page name does not exist, you will be given a link to create the page. note: due to the ongoing daily battle with spammers, your account must be (1) year old to create a page. Only sysops can edit pages...

We intend to build the largest repository of UFO information in the world, right here.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

These links BELOW take you to the rest of the UFOHQ site:

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