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George King (January 23, 1919 - July 12, 1997) was Founder-President of The Aetherius Society, a UFO religion. He was also an inventor, author, lecturer and spiritual teacher.<ref name=king>George King (Aetherius Society).Academic dictionaries and encyclopedias Retrieved June 15, 2009. </ref>


Early years

George King was born in Wellington, Shropshire to George and Mary King. Much of his childhood was spent in North Yorkshire. Both his mother and grandmother claimed to be psychics. His grandmother recognised what she believed were similar talents in her grandson and helped him to develop them. Template:Citation needed In his book about spiritual healing, You Too Can Heal,, King writes that at age eleven, when his mother was seriously ill and confined to her bed, he went alone into the woods and began to pray passionately for her recovery. According to King an "angelic being" appeared before him and instructed him to return home, as his mother had been healed. He arrived back to find his mother up and well.Template:Citation needed

As a youngster he was said to have had a enquiring mind in most things, with an aptitude for science. As a young man he had worked as a farm labourer among other things, and with a skill for driving, had worked as a road test-driver for Jaguar. In later years he worked as a chauffeur, a taxi driver, and in security for an oil company. For a time he was an amateur competitor in motor car hill-climbs, and an enthusiastic motorcyclist.

When war broke out in 1939, King joined the National Fire Service as a part-time volunteer. King became section leader in an emergency task force. In 1940, he participated in the Dunkirk evacuation on the crew of a Thames fire float, and did rescue work following the London Blitz. Template:Citation needed

When hostilities ceased, King was 26, he turned to the study of yoga, the occult sciences, as well as various healing arts. He studied broadly in metaphysics, but he devoted 8 - 10 hours each day to the practice of Gnani, Raja andKundalini Yoga, which continued for approximately 10 years - while at the same time holding down a full-time position of employment. This strict, disciplined approach is said to be the method of all serious students of Yoga, and if successful, is believed to culminate in the state known in the east as Samadhi, or enlightenment. This is also believed to bring about a transformation within the adept - esoteric knowledge, wisdom, and phenomena which transcend the known laws of physics.

In his book You Are Responsible!, King recounts that one Saturday morning in May 1954, while in his small flat in Maida Vale, London, he heard a loud commanding voice outside of himself instructing him to "Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of interplanetary parliament." Shocked and perplexed by this event, he was thrown into unease and confusion for the following week. Relief finally came when he was visited by an "Indian Swami of world renown" at that time, who appeared through the locked door of his flat in Maida Vale. "My visitor was a great Yogi Adept, who had projected himself in a more subtle state than what is generally known as the physical body; though he looked real enough; even the boards beneath his feet creaked as he crossed the room". The visitor had come to give instruction - "my instructor gave me further Initiation into a certain Yogi exercise, the careful practice of which brings about an ability to travel from the physical body in such a way that full memory of all the experiences gained are retained by the traveller. He also stated that those people best fitted to form a group of willing helpers would be brought into my orbit. I was informed that I should receive a letter from a school of Yoga in London, which I should attend for some months and that I should diligently practice the exercises taught there". Shortly afterwards, he channelled his first message transmission purporting to come from an advanced spiritual being living on Venus and using the pseudonym Aetherius, which was recorded on tape.Template:Citation needed

The Aetherius Society

Template:Main King quit his job at the time to form a spiritual organization called The Aetherius Society in order to help in the spreading of 'advanced' metaphysical teachings through lectures, seminars, workshops and literature, and in other spiritual work. Before the inception of the Aetherius Society, in the tradition of the great Yogi's, King gave away his possessions.

It was at a time when nuclear experimentation was at it's height, and King claimed that the interest from outside of this world was because of mankind's delving into the atom, and that the potential for total world annihilation was 'again' possible - exacerbated by the onset of the cold war. It was also a time of world interest in the seemingly new phenomenon of UFO's. King was also known to have stated that because of it's nature, The Aetherius Society would never become a large organization.


Th Aetherius Society bases its principals on service to humanity. Karma and reincarnation lie at the core of its beliefs. King propounded the theory that mankind had existed for millions of years, and had been through many cycles of existence, each time reaching high points of culture and science, only to fall foul of inherent traits such as greed and hatred, culminating in destruction. "Maldek", a planet mankind once inhabited, but completely destroyed, and which is believed to be now the Asteroid Belt. Lemuria and Atlantis were subsequent civilizations - beliefs also propounded by The Theosophical Society.

King claimed that these past incarnations of humanity created a "negative" Karmic pattern for mankind, which has had repercussions down the ages, and that mankind never really learns by its mistakes. He claimed that the world was now reaching a point in its history which echoed the past, and total annihilation was again possible. But that humanity could alter its negative pattern by "manipulating Karma" through service.

King taught followers that thoughts are essentially things, energy which goes out and affects someone or something, and that thoughts are often uncontrolled emotion - also a concept taught by the Yogi's of the east. King taught students that controlled thought, through "dynamic prayer", could help considerably to heal the world and bring it into a more positive light, in order to move forward spiritually towards enlightenment. He also claimed that the Earth, like all the heavenly bodies, is a living, breathing intelligence, but highly spiritually evolved. He also propounded the philosophy that God is not a separate entity, but everything contained in the universe - everything being different aspects at different levels of expression and manifestation.


King adopted what he described as a "positive" form of trance in order to enter the state necessary to channel messages described as "transmissions", believed to be from outside of this world. He contrasted this state with the "negative" form of trance adopted by many spiritualist mediums. The "positive" form of trance was, he said, the result of intense effort and concentration. He used techniques drawn from some of the advanced branches of yoga to concentrate upon one of the psychic centres or chakras connected to the spine and upon the telepathic impulses radiated by his communicators.Template:Citation needed

He continued to receive transmissions which often were arranged in advance, and tape-recorded. Many were given in front of public audiences, such as at Caxton Hall in London which was a regular venue. In 1956 and 1957, before a public audience, several of these transmissions forecast flying saucer activity in specific parts of the world on certain dates. Shortly after these dates, newspapers such as the Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph reported sightings which coincided with the dates and locations forecast in these transmissions.

A "transmission" was recorded in 1957 shortly after the Windscale (now Sellafield) nuclear disaster which revealed details of the damage caused; details which did not become public knowledge for 30 years, exposing a government cover-up at the time of the incident. Information regarding the tragic nuclear accident of 1958 in the Ural mountains was also revealed in a "transmission" only a few months after its occurance. It was not until 1976 that this incident became public when New Scientist journal, believing it had scooped the story, published details given by Soviet exiled scientist Dr. Zhores Medvedev. The Aetherius Society made a press release regarding their knowledge of the accident 18 years previously. All recordings are in the possession of the The Aetherius Society.

The trance condition that King adopted for such "transmissions", known as Samadhi was, he said, extremely stressful. Moreover, it was potentially dangerous to enter it in public because of the risks of a loud noise or flash of light startling him out of it. Longer transmissions took their toll on his body and on occasion oxygen was administered afterwards, with up to several hours needed for recovery. By the time he stopped receiving transmissions in this way, in the late 1970s, he had delivered over 600 transmissions. Template:Citation needed

Some of the reported messages from these beings, whom he called the Cosmic Masters, dealt with the dangers of atomic experimentation, a new religious philosophy and the reality of life on other worlds. These were sent to the world’s media and governments.Template:Citation needed

Operation Starlight

On July 23, 1958, King claimed to have had physical contact with an extraterrestrial "Cosmic Master" who had incarnated on Earth as Jesus but was now on the etheric plane of Venus. He claimed the contact occurred on top of Holdstone Down, in North Devon, England; and he claimed great power had been sent out, specifically to prevent a war in Lebanon. In addition, he claimed the contact caused the hill itself to be charged with spiritual energy. Holdstone Down is now a regular place of pilgrimage for members of The Aetherius Society. Template:Citation needed

Within a few days, King channelled the first of a series of "message transmissions" from "Master Jesus" called "The Twelve Blessings". Delivered in the basement chapel of The Aetherius Society’s new premises on Fulham Road, London, the Blessings are now a central component in the spiritual teaching and practices of the society.Template:Citation needed

Holdstone Down proved to be the first of nineteen sacred mountains around the world charged in what became known as "Operation Starlight". Following the charging of the second mountain on Bodmin Moor in England, he said that he had heard a mighty voice deliver "the Lord’s Declaration", prophesying the coming to Earth of the "Next Master", an open landing of an extraterrestrial being. Seven more mountains were charged in the British Isles.Template:Citation needed

Four phases of the operation were conducted in America. Further phases in Australia and New Zealand followed. In New Zealand, on Mount Wakefield in the foothills of Mount Cook, he and his companion Keith Hope-Robertson lost their way and were forced to spend Christmas Eve 1960 overnight on the mountain. With two more phases in Europe, and a third one performed on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania by a Master of "The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth", Saint Goo-Ling, Operation Starlight ended on August 23, 1961. The Aetherius Society views the Charged Mountains as an endless source of spiritual power and the Twelve Blessings as a powerful way to tap it for one's own benefit and for that of humanity as a whole.Template:Citation needed

Other Operations

In 1959 King founded the "American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society" in Los Angeles the temple of the Aetherius Society, the Sunday services at which the general public was welcome to attend - which eventually re-located and is now at Afton Place, Los Angeles. The European headquarters and temple remain in London. Groups and centres also now exist in other parts of the U.K., America, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal.

In 1964, "Operation Bluewater" was born. For this King had to design a special apparatus capable of radiating a beam of "spiritual energy" through thousands of feet of seawater into one of Earth's "psychic centres". A boat was taken out on the Pacific over four phases, during which King said that he maintained telepathic contact with the "Cosmic Masters" while steering in complicated manoeuvres over the center. He claimed the result was that the San Andreas Fault was kept in balance and thousands of lives were saved.Template:Citation needed

On July 8, 1964, King claimed to receive a transmission describing how spacecraft from many worlds amassed in the skies of Earth to conduct her "Primary Initiation". King recorded this event and explained it in his book The Day The Gods Came, which was published shortly afterwards.Template:Citation needed

Realising mankind's abuse of the Earth and what he regarded as the inevitable karmic repercussions that were due as a result, King designed "Operation Sunbeam". It had a simple strategy: take spiritual energy given to man through Operation Starlight and send it to the Earth, thus balancing the karma of mankind. He designed a "Spiritual Energy Radiator" to radiate energy sent to it by an extraterrestrial spacecraft. He also devised a form of battery that he claimed could hold spiritual energy. Operation Sunbeam began on September 24, 1966 when two batteries were charged on Mount Baldy and discharged toward an offshore area of Santa Barbara considered a "Psychic Center of the Earth."<ref>Operation Sunbeam Retrieved 2009-06-29.</ref>

From this technology came yet another operation. Begun on Holdstone Down on June 30, 1973, "Operation Prayer Power" was meant as a tool for saving the environment and mass healing. Again the premise was simple: amass large amounts of spiritual energy through prayer and discharge it quickly and decisively to world crises. Energy was to be invoked through the Twelve Blessings, stored in a spiritual energy battery and discharged using the Spiritual Energy Radiator. The mission purportedly helped to arrest disease waves, stimulate international aid and even (in the case of Cyprus in 1974) stop a war.Template:Citation needed

Later years

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On December 5, 1978, he claims to have received an invitation to visit the mythical city of Shambhala which, it is said, has floated over the Gobi Desert on the etheric plane for hundreds of thousands of years. There he reports having met the being known during his incarnation on Earth as the Buddha. Template:Citation needed

In 1981 King was presented with the 'Prize of Peace and Justice' - which carried the title 'Knight of Humanity' - by H.S.H. Prince Guiseppe Pensavalle di Mitilene, President of the International Union of Christian Chivalry. In 1980, King was also dubbed 'Sir George King' by His Royal and Imperial Highness Prince Robert Khimchiachvili, the 74th Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta. In that same year, a Princedom was conferred on him by His Eminence, Archbishop Gautier of Paris, Archbishop of the Catholic Church - in recognition of King's "work and sacrifice for humanity".

It was in 1986 that King was awarded the Freedom of the City of London, and membership of the Freemen of England. And in 1992 a Grant of Arms, or Letters Patent of Armorial Bearings, was officially presented to 'The Most Reverend George King' from the College of Arms in London - issued under the authority of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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